FM 906 Unisex Fragrance by Federico Mahora


FM 906 Unisex Fragrance by Federico Mahora – Pure Royal Collection – 50ml

  • Unisex Fragrance
  • Pure Royal Collection


FM 906 Unisex Fragrance by Federico Mahora is featured as part of FM’s Pure Royal collection which means it comes with a fragrance oil of 20% and can last up to an amazing 6 hours on the skin.

Pure Royal collection fragrances such as FM 906 come in a large presentation styled box that is both classy and modern.

This wonderful fragrance is a part of the oriental family of fragrances and as such has influences from far east Asia, you can see these Asian influences in the exotic heart notes of Jasmine, clove, cinnamon leaves, rosemary and heliotrope.

Base notes of vanilla, tonka bean, cedarwood, tobacco and patchouli form a foundation for this scent that is passionate and sensual and these notes complement the head notes of bergamot, nectarine and ginger perfectly.

An alluring and exotic scent that is sure to thrill the senses and would be perfect as a gift for him or her.