FM 18 Fragrance for Her by Federico Mahora

FM 18 Fragrance for Her by Federico Mahora – Pure Collection – 50ml

  • Premium Fragrance
  • Fragrance for Her
  • Pure Collection


The FM 18 Fragrance by Federico Mahora is a beautifully designed and stylishly fragrant perfume that is available in Pure, Pheromone and Intense collections and comes in a delightful 50ml bottle.

The FM Pure collection is a range of scents that contain 20% fragrant oils and as such can be officially termed Eau de Parfum.

The FM Pheromone collection also contains a similar ratio of fragrant oils and aromatic compounds but with the added benefit of also containing specific pheromones designed to make the scent more alluring.

The FM Intense collection meanwhile is a range of perfumes contain 30% fragrant oils and are specifically created to last longer on the skin.

The FM 18 Fragrance is part of the chypre fragrance family and as such contains warm, dry notes with citrusy overtones.

All scents within the chypre fragrance family and especially the FM 18 Fragrance, can be thought of as both radiant and alluring.

Containing beautifully fruity head notes of orange and orange blossom as well as seductive heart notes of rose, jasmine and delightful ylang-ylang, the FM 18 Fragrance is finished with vibrant deep base notes of white musk, vetiver, tonka bean and a hint of vanilla.

Fantastically fragrant and incredibly delicious the FM 18 Fragrance by Federico Mahora is a wonderfully constructed perfume, perfect for that special someone.