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PENKUP International is a UK-based independent organisation dedicated to empowering young people to realise their lifelong potentials in areas of health, education, psychology, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Several outfits of the organisation exist, including PENKUP Foundation, PENKUP Media, and PENKUP Stores. With over 120,000 followers on Instagram alone, we have an expanding network of committed ambassadors who work tirelessly to meet set goals.

PENKUP International envisions a world where every individual has equal access to quality education and opportunities for intellectual and personal growth. We firmly believe that education is a fundamental right that can empower individuals, transform communities, and contribute to a more equitable and prosperous society.

Creating Ripples of Happiness in People’s Lives

Education Infrastructure

We focus on building and renovating schools, libraries, and learning centres in underserved areas. We collaborate with local communities, governments, and corporate sponsors to create safe and stimulating environments conducive to learning. We also work with partner organisations to develop and implement sustainable education programs that address the specific needs of each community.

Scholarships and Sponsorships

We offer scholarships and sponsorships to deserving students who lack financial means to pursue their education. These programs cover tuition fees, books, uniforms, and other essential educational expenses.

Teacher Training and Development

Recognising the crucial role of teachers in shaping young minds, we invest in teacher training programs. We conduct workshops, seminars, and professional development sessions to enhance teaching skills, methodologies, and classroom management techniques. Through our literacy programs, we provide support to teachers, distribute books and educational materials, and establish libraries and reading programs. We focus on promoting gender equality by providing girls with the necessary resources and support to complete their education and achieve their full potential. We also work to improve education access by building schools, classrooms, and other educational facilities, as well as providing various forms of financial support to students.

Curriculum Enhancement

We collaborate with educators and curriculum experts to develop and improve educational materials. We aim to provide students with relevant and engaging content aligned with modern learning standards.

Technology Integration

We acknowledge the importance of technology in education. We strive to equip schools and learning centres with computers, internet connectivity, and digital resources, enabling students to access a world of knowledge and opportunities.

Vocational Training

Understanding the significance of skill development, we offer vocational training programs to empower individuals with practical skills and increase their employability. These programs focus on various fields such as agriculture, healthcare, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Community Engagement

We actively engage with local communities to foster a culture of education. We organise community events, parent-teacher meetings, and awareness campaigns to emphasise the value of education and encourage parental involvement.

Local Language Publishing

We believe that children learn best when they have access to books and educational materials in their own language, so we work to create and distribute high-quality children’s books in local languages.

Research and Advocacy

We conduct research and generate data to identify educational challenges and develop evidence-based solutions. We advocate for policy reforms and collaborate with government bodies and other stakeholders to prioritise education in national agendas.

The primary mission of PENKUP International is to bridge the educational gap by providing resources, support, and innovative programs to underprivileged children and disadvantaged communities. Our vision is to improve literacy and gender equality in education in developing countries. We aim to transform the lives of children in low-income communities by providing them with access to quality education and lifelong skills. We work tirelessly to remove barriers that hinder access to education, such as poverty, lack of infrastructure, gender inequality, and discrimination.




We are proudly sponsors of the Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA), the National Association of Young Authors (NAYA), and the Global Association of Young Authors (GAYA).