National Association of Young Authors (NAYA)



The National Association of Young Authors (NAYA) was founded 17th November 2021 by multiple international award-winning author Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu. NAYA is a vibrant and inclusive organization dedicated to nurturing, empowering, and promoting the diverse voices of young writers across the entire African continent. 


NAYA seeks to provide a platform for young African writers to develop their creative skills, amplify their voices, and contribute to the literary and cultural landscape of Africa and the world. Our mission is to create a supportive community that fosters creativity, provides resources, and empowers emerging writers to share their stories, perspectives, and experiences with the world.


Central Hub: NAYA has its headquarters in Abuja, a strategically located city, accessible to writers from different regions of Africa. There is a central leadership team that oversees the overall direction of NAYA, manages the online platform, coordinates international events, and maintains partnerships with other literary organizations. The central hub serves as the administrative center, organizing events, workshops, and collaborations. It houses a library, a digital resource center, and an open space for gatherings.

Regional Chapters: To ensure comprehensive coverage, NAYA has a decentralised structure, with regional chapters in key cities across each African sub-region (North, West, East, Central, and South). Each chapter operates as a mini hub, hosting local events, workshops, and writing groups tailored to the specific needs and interests of writers in that region.

Online Platform: An interactive and user-friendly website serves as an online platform for connecting writers from remote areas. Writers can create profiles, share their work, engage in discussions, and access a vast repository of writing resources, including style guides, publishing tips, and writing prompts, and participate in virtual events and workshops.

Programs and Initiatives

Skill Development: NAYA offers a range of workshops, seminars, and writing retreats to help young writers enhance their craft. This includes sessions on various writing genres, editing techniques, storytelling, and more. These regular sessions are conducted both physically and virtually, covering various genres like fiction, poetry, non-fiction, and scriptwriting. Accomplished writers, both African and international, serve as mentors and instructors, providing personalized guidance and feedback.

Literary Festivals: Annual literary festivals are held in rotation across different African regions, showcasing the rich tapestry of African literature. These festivals include panel discussions, book launches, readings, and opportunities for young writers to network with established authors, publishers, and literary agents.

Writing Contests: NAYA hosts themed writing contests that encourage young writers to challenge themselves, explore societal issues, cultural heritage, and contemporary issues. Outstanding young writers receive recognition for their efforts. Winning entries are published in an anthology distributed globally.

Literary Exchange Programs: A select group of emerging writers are invited to participate in a writer-in-residence program, spending a few months at the central hub or regional chapters. During this time, they engage in intensive writing, immerse themselves in local cultures, gather inspiration, receive mentorship, and collaborate with fellow writers.

Mentorship: NAYA connects experienced African authors, poets, and journalists with young writers for mentorship and guidance. This mentorship provides personalized support and insights to help aspiring writers grow.

Publishing Support: NAYA partners with local and international publishers and literary agents to help young writers navigate the publishing process. This includes manuscript review, query letter assistance, and connecting writers with appropriate publishing opportunities. Outstanding young writers can get their work published and distributed both locally and internationally. NAYA has also established an online literary journal featuring works exclusively from young African writers. This platform provides exposure and recognition for emerging talents.

Literary Exchange Programs: NAYA facilitates cultural and literary exchange programs, inviting writers from different regions to spend time at different chapters, fostering cross-cultural understanding and creative collaboration.

Community Building: NAYA creates a supportive community of young writers from diverse backgrounds and regions across Africa. This community fosters connections, exchange ideas, and provide a space for collaboration. NAYA is also committed to promoting literacy and creativity among disadvantaged communities. Outreach programs include writing workshops in schools, libraries, and community centres, encouraging young minds to express themselves through writing.

Advocacy: NAYA will advocate for the inclusion of young writers’ voices in literary conversations and cultural dialogues. This includes partnering with existing literary festivals and events to ensure representation of young writers.

Cultural Preservation: NAYA encourages young writers to explore and celebrate their cultural heritage through their writing. This will contribute to the preservation and promotion of diverse African cultures.

Membership and Funding

NAYA offers various membership tiers, including free access to the online platform, discounted workshop fees, and priority registration for events. Funding comes from PENKUP International and a combination of other sources, including membership fees, grants from international organizations, partnerships with corporations, foundations, individual donations, and governmental bodies that share the vision of empowering young African writers.

Through its comprehensive approach, NAYA strives to unite young writers from diverse backgrounds, languages, and cultures, fostering a literary renaissance across the African continent and creating a lasting impact on the global literary landscape.


NAYA envisions a future where young African writers are empowered to tell their stories, shape their narratives, and contribute to the rich literary tapestry of Africa. By nurturing and amplifying these voices, NAYA aims to foster cross-cultural understanding, celebrate diversity, and inspire positive change across the continent and beyond.


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