Global Association of Young Authors (GAYA)



The Global Association of Young Authors (GAYA) was founded 17th November 2021 by multiple international award-winning author Dr. Kennedy O. Obohwemu. GAYA is a vibrant and inclusive organization dedicated to nurturing and promoting young writers from all corners of the world. Established with the vision of connecting, empowering, and showcasing the diverse voices of emerging writers, GAYA aims to create a dynamic platform that fosters creativity, collaboration, and growth within the literary community.


GAYA’s mission is to provide a supportive and inspiring environment for young writers to develop their skills, share their work, and engage with fellow writers on a global scale. By encouraging cross-cultural exchange and collaboration, GAYA seeks to bridge gaps between different literary traditions, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie among writers worldwide.


  1. Online Platform:

GAYA operates through a comprehensive online platform that serves as a hub for all activities. This platform includes:

  • Member Profiles: Writers can create profiles showcasing their work, writing goals, and interests.
  • Discussion Forums: Space for writers to exchange ideas, seek advice, and collaborate on projects.
  • Workshops and Resources: Access to virtual writing workshops, webinars, tutorials, and resources.
  • Critique Groups: A feature that allows writers to form critique groups for constructive feedback.
  • Publication Opportunities: Information about literary magazines, anthologies, and publishing opportunities.
  • Global Writing Events: Calendar of writing-related events, conferences, and festivals worldwide.

2. Regional Chapters:

GAYA establishes regional chapters in various countries or geographical areas to ensure localized support and engagement. Each chapter is responsible for organizing local events, workshops, and meetups, tailored to the specific needs of the writers in that region.

  1. Mentorship Program:

GAYA offers a mentorship program where established writers provide guidance, feedback, and support to emerging writers. This program aims to facilitate knowledge transfer and skill development.

  1. Writing Contests:

GAYA hosts international writing contests across various genres to recognize and reward exceptional talent. Winning entries receive exposure, publication opportunities, and sometimes monetary prizes.

  1. Literary Magazine:

GAYA produces a quarterly online literary magazine that features the best works submitted by its members. This publication serves as a showcase for emerging writers and allows them to gain exposure on a global stage.

  1. Collaborative Projects:

GAYA initiates collaborative writing projects that bring together writers from different backgrounds to work on anthologies, scripts, or other creative endeavours. This promotes cross-cultural understanding and creative synergy.

  1. Annual Summit:

GAYA hosts an annual summit, inviting members from around the world to come together for workshops, panel discussions, networking, and celebration of literary achievements.

  1. Outreach and Partnerships:

GAYA collaborates with educational institutions, literary organizations, and publishing houses to amplify its impact and offer more opportunities to its members.

Overall, GAYA strives to be the hub of creativity, diversity, and literary growth for young writers worldwide. By providing a dynamic and inclusive platform, fostering connections, and promoting collaboration, GAYA empowers emerging writers to share their unique stories and contribute to the global literary landscape.


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