Nigerian Resident Doctor Wins Ex-US Vice President Al Gore Climate Change Sponsorship to the USA

Despite the declining attention given to the health sector in Nigeria and the deplorable way resident doctors are being treated in the country with a lot of resident doctors owed salaries for months, a resident doctor Dr. Gbujie Daniel has won a scholarship to Denver, Colorado to be trained on climate change.


The remarkable feat was confirmed last week when news began filtering into the country. It was just a joyful moment among young medical professionals in Nigeria and Africa.

Following the research done by our correspondent, there was indeed an official confirmation by the international organization, Climate Reality Projected that he will be received along side the selected outstanding participants around the globe by the former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore, one of the active global leaders on climate change.

Gbujie who recently concluded a U.N. course on Climate change was past Secretary General of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD) from 2014-2016.

He is seen as one of the greatest NARD leaders ever and the greatest Secretary General of the National body following interactions with many members.

He is solely the brain behind affiliating the national association to the international organization that handles the affairs of resident doctors globally. He is a winner of many national, regional and international awards.

While still Secretary General of NARD he was invited by UNESCO bioethics committee to Naples, Italy where he made a presentation, ‘The current conditions of care for Africans with debilitating illnesses’. He was one of the first Africans to make such presentation.

He is a strong national leader who with other National officers of NARD in 2015 ensured the commencement of proper placement of resident doctors in the CONMESS scale. His personal commitment to the struggle was duly noted by all. He is also a social commentator and works with a few NGOs to provide free health services to rural people.

His effort over the years was recognized by the immediate past Minister of Health Dr. Khaliru Alhassan who issued a letter of appreciation to him and worked with the national body.

Nigerian Medical Association, the umbrella body of all doctors in Nigeria  have also recognized the remarkable impact he has made over the years especially among doctors.

He was invited by the UNESCO Chair on Bioethics to the 12th World Conference in Cyprus, where he will serve as a speaker. He will be discussing the ethical perspectives of immigration, a paper he wrote.

Currently he is advocating for global support for Africa as a continent that will be greatly impacted by climate change. Focusing on the health impact of climate change especially on the health impact assessment and the need for government across the continent to develop a National Action Plan (NAP) using the UN template, he believes and holds the view that the climate change phenomenon is the greatest global health challenge of the 21st century. Speaking to our correspondent shortly before leaving for Denver, Colorado for leadership training, he is advising government and Nigerians to take the climate change impact seriously. He believes that the global economy and future development of any nation will depend on countries adaptive/mitigation strategies and preparedness in the future.

He advised young Nigerians who he believes have been shortchanged by poor visionary leadership over the years, saying “Irrespective of the current unfortunate predicament in the country one can still positively impact the society and its through hard work, determination, diligence and God’s favour”.

He holds the view that the health of the people is the sole responsibility of any genuine government and government must ensure that young professionals across board are adequately trained especially resident doctors because he knows that talents abound within them.

His colleagues agree strongly that he is a perfect embodiment of a great future leader and may well be one of the greatest NARD leaders of all times.

We say congratulations to Nigeria and to him!

About Dr. Ken

Medical Doctor, Publisher, Editor, Novelist, Playwright, Visionary Poet, Activist, Blogger
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88 Responses to Nigerian Resident Doctor Wins Ex-US Vice President Al Gore Climate Change Sponsorship to the USA

  1. Essene says:

    Congrats Gbujie

    Obviously, you are a trail blazer i just say this on the net about him. No be today the man start.

    How come government dont know, about the talent in the system obviously no one supervises.

    Resident Doctors are trying oh, our enemies are government officials

  2. Chief wodo says:

    Dr. Ken , and Dr. Gbujie am shocked oh, how can you both be in this country. They dont appreciate people.

    Go to SA or USA. When Nigerians are ready they will demand better healthcare treatment.

    Congrats, gbujie

    I am in portharcourt too,let me know when you get back. You deserve a hero’s welcome

    But upth currently is a terrible place

  3. Flow says:


    I am a resident doctor, in UPTH.

    Chief wodo is right this place is dead.
    Gbujie’s training is in this center
    Please Nigerians apologies are good but we need you all to spread the message.

    I am being owed November salaries and the CMD and ministry are cutting our money but are not remitting it to government.

    I must thank Dr. Achor, Dr. Gbujie, Dr Don B.

    I will follow this blog to other members to tell their stories.

    Save UPTH, things are hard on resident doctors many are into business.

    Those that are not have it rough.


  4. Preye says:

    Wow, congratulations oh Gbujie .

    Its sad what am hearing from UPTH, is etawo not there again.

    Whoever is there now, is not doing well, i have heard alot of things in that place though many are exaggerated.

    But i think i am understanding a little, just that the strikes are relentless.


  5. Friday says:

    Congrats gbujie

  6. luke says:

    Your future is looking so bright, keep up the great work
    Keep being awesome, i join others to say congratulations. Gbujie


  7. chibundu says:

    Congratulations! DR GBUJIE DANIEL, I may have passed you in Choba and won’t know, you are Choba first son. UPTH is the worse place to be, that is the truth. But the resident doctors are trying oh! In all the current circumstance in that place… One of our students died there last year. They did not give her bed, she was alive when students brought her. Their Oga in that hospital is evil personified. They are understaffed and he is eating money, no staff like that man. This is the person they will make minister of health.

    I have so much pride in my heart right now someone from the region is doing great. It might even be a sin oh. Please government should save our residency programme.

    My face has a proud smile because of you. I don’t know if anyone has ever told you this before, but I think you are pretty great.

    uniport choba

  8. Dube says:

    Congrats, Gbujie indeed Great things come to great people who work hard.
    saw this at the Young African Leadership Initiative Facebook platform today.
    True hardworking South African love Nigeria, no matter what you have been hearing in the media lately.Nigeria is a major human resource nation to the world am happy for your citizen climate change is an important 21st century challenge. Al Gore is one of the leading sponsors. its indeed a privilege for Africa to be represented though just few other African are also going.

    am happy for Nigeria. big up to nigeria

    South Africa

  9. O.B says:

    You surprised me a little bit am a consultant in the Rivers State.
    I knew you were capable, but I didn’t expect this level of accomplishment from a resident doctor
    i love your accomplishments almost as much as I love the person who did them.
    Thanks for giving Nigeria a good name.

    congrats, congratulations!


  10. Favour says:

    Congrats oh to the doctor but
    Please Nigerians are tired of doctors General, i am tired why did it take this long for you people to react

    I dont support FG owing salaries, and i dont support doctors going on strike , so i am confused.
    CMDs and ministry of health are just fools. FG must arrest such person.

    Though with all these comments i am having a rethinking.

    Ogun state

  11. NAGONDON says:





  12. Aisowieren P says:

    The truth is that behind everyone’s accomplishment must be the following commitment and dedication. Such success should be given recognition by government and community or constituency that such person is from. i am Sending these congratulatory message to Gbujie a true Nigerian. as a stakeholder in APC , I received the news with happiness because its bringing the nation good name that is battered now.
    On the issue of UPTH and its management., I will reach out to the chair on health institution to relay this compliant by the public sadly we hardly hear this during oversight function.
    how can a tertiary institution that have a doctor like this be in a deplorable state as described here by Nigerians. Hon. Betty chairs the committee

    Congratulations, Gbujie keep up the good work, leave your contact email here


  13. cornelius says:

    congrats, I worked in UPTH as an intern radiographer, our accommodation was very bad, they were deducting our money that FG sent from source, I had to pack out. I cant believe a doctor can live in that place. every day for one year there were issues, what the resident doctor are saying are all true its a run down hospital I never learnt anything half of my training I never saw light and my machines need light. the CMD is not a good ,man all his kids are aboard.

    I met this doctor when he was the sectary of the local branch, he was a friendly and lovely guy. though doctors always have problem with other health workers they think about themselves. other health workers also have problem they are owing me 1 month and half salaries 2014 last batch


  14. FADA says:



  15. susan says:

    @ Dube , please tell your south Africa people that Nigerians are not happy with you all

    anyway congrats to Nigeria doctor u try but why una no dey do well for nigeria

  16. N chike says:

    Here is my heartfelt congratulation on your success.
    I wish you to attain many more success
    Congrats! Gbujie our man, This is not surprising for mem for others may be.
    you have been achieving since day one.

    member mNMA RIVERS STATE

  17. elelewon says:

    This yet another milestone in your success story. You are for sure attaining new heights and more will come. Congratulations my dear!

  18. Ajayi Fadeke says:

    Success is always achieving new ventures one take every now and then.
    We congratulate you on this wonderful moment of success for Nigeria your reward is in heaven as they wont give you here in Nigeria. Greet trump for me oh
    Congratulations Gbujie

  19. ID says:

    Gbujiro, carry go men.

    Haba UPTH why now, you for come OAUCTH ife
    Congrats oh

  20. Sylvia says:

    Strength, determination, challenges and confidence counts FOR anyone ready to succeed!
    And still remain key to success and great accomplishment!
    A big congrats to this young man.
    He has written his name into the great books of great Nigerian


  21. blossom says:

    great news for the country,i guess the vice president of the country osinbajo is responsible for it right


  22. Yusuf N says:

    but NARD tried a lot under the DanJumbo/Gbujie administration they were tactful, and uncompromising the staggered strike was key then all the press conferences were spot on, but FG should try to help us. a lot of Nigerians are leaving the country for Ghana and Australia.

    the ministry are making things worse I hope the acting president is noting

    congrats nard

    Yusuf M
    FMC Azare

  23. chiemerie Alozie says:

    impressive , this is what our young one should be doing
    You have made your region proud, south east pride

    Mpam Ekwerazu

  24. eze says:

    please residency training should not be allowed to die. resident doctors should be trained

    am a house officer, and interested in becoming a resident doc government should do there best let us give the minister a chance


  25. O town boy says:

    na wa oh this FG no just oh , so na the way thing dey

    Nigeria don enter one chance be that . na the reason way resident dey strike regularly

    PMB should come back oh , residency must stay

  26. taye says:

    nijar no dey come last.

  27. Mike Achor says:

    Congrats Dr D.C. GBUJIE. You are indeed a great Ambassador of ARD UPTH & NARD. Keep the ball rolling. CHEERS!

  28. Grace says:

    Congratulations Gbujie, you’ll continue to soar higher. The CMD of UPTH needs to go. Recently, like last week, a resident doctor was kidnapped at night while on call, on her way to attend to a patient, right in the hospital. No security lights, no street lights.. Try going to the hospital at night, any evil can go on there. These were some of the issues we went on strike last late year and the CMD started victimizing us by cutting our salaries. We haven’t been paid Nov salary, many depts have lost accreditation during his tenure as CMD, people are overworked and if you dont pass exams within the stipulated time, you’re exited from the program. He only employed a handful of residents, so little compared to the workload.
    Resident drs and other health workers are really trying under poor working conditions.
    Its time to do the needful. The minister of health should be proactive and begin to look into this hospital called UPTH…
    How can a doctor be kidnapped right inside the hospital at her duty post? So sad…
    Please, let all concerned good citizens, traditional rulers, political leaders in R/S, church leaders call the current CMD of UPTH to order!!!

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