A Nigerian migrant was beaten to death in a racist attack by a right-wing football fan in a central Italian town, officials said Wednesday.

Italy 2

Emmanuel Chidi, 36, was walking with his girlfriend in the heart of the small town of Paolo Calcinora on Tuesday, when they had racial abuse heaped on them by the supporter of a local football club, the Agi news agency reported.

That led to an altercation and Chidi was brutally beaten on the head until he fell to the ground. He never recovered consciousness and died in hospital on Wednesday.

“As mayor of a town that is welcoming and open to integration, I feel I’m living in a nightmare,” the town’s mayor said.


Chidi had been living in the area for eight months and was lodged in a shelter run by Catholic charity Caritas.

His girlfriend had lost her baby after a perilous Mediterranean crossing.

Hundreds of migrants arrive daily in Italy. The Italian interior ministry said last week that a total of 70,930 people landed between January and June — almost exactly the same number as the same period in 2015 and only slightly higher than in 2014.

The full-year total of migrant arrivals for 2015 was 153,000.



Credit: AFP

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  1. Shola says:

    Seriously? This is pathetic!

  2. Regina says:

    So sad racism is still an issue in these modern times.

  3. Adaeze says:

    This is so bad. What did the poor guy do? My God!

    • Esther says:

      He did absolutely nothing wrong! It’s just the COLOUR of his skin that was wrong. Can you imagine?

  4. Willy says:

    Is it a crime to live in another man’s land?

  5. Mustapha B. says:

    This crime must not go unpunished!!!

  6. Anthony says:

    Racism in this day and age? #Smh

  7. Bukola says:

    What are the authorities doing about this?

  8. Haruna says:

    The perpetrators must be brought to book.

  9. Rose says:

    Man’s inhumanity to man. What a shame!

  10. Dele says:

    This shouldn’t happen. It’s just crazy!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I heard something similar happened in the UK last week.

  12. Merry says:

    Life of promising young Nigerian wasted… just like that!

  13. Mrs. Ebele says:

    It’s not fair. Not fair at all.

  14. Tunji says:

    So all this talk about #KickRacismOut is all nonsense?! What’s the use?

  15. Daniel says:

    Lord have mercy!

  16. Aku says:

    May his soul rest in peace!

  17. T.J. says:

    Human right activists and advocacy groups should not let this one pass. We want justice!

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