Despite what David Cameron says, Nigeria is not actually among the most corrupt countries in the world, according to recent research.

The Prime Minister was caught on microphone describing the oil-rich nation along with Afghanistan as “possibly two of the most corrupt countries in the world”. The hashtag #FantasticallyCorrupt has been trending in social media circles since Cameron’s comments broke loose.

But Transparency International’s research does not seem to agree with Cameron’s assessment of the African nation.

The respected Berlin-based global graft watchdog annually ranks countries according to perceived corruption within the public sector.

Its most recent Corruption Perceptions Index, for 2015, found the 10 most corrupt countries were:

1. North Korea and Somalia (tied)
2. Afghanistan
3. Sudan
4. Angola and South Sudan (tied)
5. Iraq and Libya (tied)
6. Haiti, Guinea-Bissau and Venezuela (tied)
7. Eritrea, Syria, Turkmenistan and Yemen (tied)
8. Uzbekistan
9. Burundi, Cambodia and Zimbabwe (tied)
10. Chad, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar (tied)

Nigeria ranks just outside the top 30 most corrupt countries, according to the index.

Maggie Murphy, senior global advocacy manager at Transparency International, said both Nigeria and Afghanistan suffer from “rampant corruption” and “are certainly in the wrong half of the index”.

But she added: “Nigeria is perceived as less corrupt because it has more of the institutions to fight corruption in place and some of them are even working.
“Afghanistan is obviously much worse because it is still suffering from post-conflict problems, and it has very weak institutions … much of the transactions are done in cash and there are limited controls.”

She said countries suffer from corruption when they lack strong institutions, like an independent judiciary and independent police.

In order to fight corruption, nations must “build up a zero-tolerance for corruption, strengthen rule of law and offer no impunity to corruption, no matter who is accused”, she said.

“If people see that people at the top can get away with corruption then that will only filter down. The corrupt must be held to account,” Ms Murphy said.

She said both Afghanistan and Nigeria needed to be doing more.

“Both have made commitments to fighting corruption, however, it has been more talk than action,” she added.

David Cameron’s comments about Nigeria and Afghanistan, while speaking to the Queen and the Archbishop of Canterbury, were made ahead of an anti-corruption summit in London later this week.

Ms Murphy said the UK played a part in corruption around the world.

“The UK contributes in the fact that it is a safe haven for corrupt individuals and their assets, facilitated by weaknesses in the UK anti-money laundering system and company secrecy provided by the overseas territories like British Virgin Islands,” she said.

Robert Palmer, of campaign group Global Witness, also criticised the UK’s part in global corruption problems in light of Mr Cameron’s remarks.

“Nigeria and Afghanistan are both deeply corrupt countries, but their leaders have shown signs that they want to clean up their act,” he said.

“They are not helped by the secrecy sold by UK tax havens or the army of lawyers and bankers from places like London willing to handle stolen money or look the other way – we must get our own house in order too.”

Credit: Sky News


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  1. KayCee says:

    Cameron was fantastically correct!

  2. Jennifer Okorie says:

    Cameron was never wrong. Nigerian politicians are corrupt, infact fantastically corrupt two times over!!!

  3. TY says:


    ‘WHO ARE YOU?’

    1. Buhari said he would pay unemployed citizens. You clapped 

    He said he cannot pay unemployed citizens.  Also clapped 

    2. Buhari said he does not know anything called subsidy.  You clapped 

    He paid subsidy.  you also  clapped. 

    3. When he removed all road blocks.  You clapped. 

    When he reinstalled road blocks.  You also clapped. 

    4. When he relocated military command to North East.  You clapped. 

    He returned military command back.  You clapped 

    5. He said he would never devalue the Naira.  You clapped.

    He devalued the Naira.  You clapped. 

    6. He said he would not have the office of the first lady. You clapped. 

    He has the office of the first lady.  You clapped 

    7. He said he will make N1 equals to $1. You clapped 

    $1 is officially equal N280. You are clapping 

    8. He said he will end Boko Haram insurgencies 3 months into his regime,  he later said in December when the rains stop.  You clapped. 

    Today,  Boko Haram is still killing people. You are clapping. 

    9. He said he would turn all presidential jets to national carrier. You clapped. 

    Today,  he and his family are  cruising on all presidential jets. You are clapping 

    10. He said he would build one new refinery each year. You clapped. 

    Its getting to one year,  no refinery has been built.  You are still clapping. 

    11.  Buhari first went to England and he took pictures with Cameron. You clapped. 

    Buhari went to England and he was disgraced by Cameron.  You also clapped.

  4. Bilikisu says:

    Nigeria my country!

    A country where very cerebral men will sit on the social media and rant without effecting any thing, while liars will sit in their comfort zone in the ministry and ferment whatever comes their way.

    Will it ever get better?

    This country seem to me like a joke!

    Are we ready? should we let the Britons take over again for another decade of colonization?

    • Adeniyi says:

      Buhari should stop telling us that he is travelling around to source for foreign investment.

      Because if he says these type of things in public, we can easily imagine what he tells world leaders about Nigeria in private.

      • Johanna says:

        He keeps traveling the whole world while his people are suffering. Well done ooo

    • Zeb says:

      “Should we let the Britons take over again for another decade of colonization?”

      God forbid bad thing! We can never allow such colonization again!!!

  5. Uduak says:

    This life!

    Do u know how to qualify a stupendously wealthy king who owns several cattle but steals or forcefully takes from his poor subordinates whenever he wants to entertain his guests?

  6. Bukky says:

    This government knows how to keep her citizens busy, discussing one thing or the other. The other time it was disappearance of budget, then refusal to sign budget, Fulani herdsmen among other issues now it’s hike in fuel pump price with subsidy removal and then this #fantasticallycorrupt gist!

    Who knows what will be next event.

    We have been kept busy, my people!

  7. Prechy says:

    This is just the beginning of what faith has for us. Let’s accept it. We will not die, we can manage to 2019 then we all have an opportunity to better this country once more.

    Its not by talking, its not by being a long time friend or my school mate. Good leadership starts from all of us, from our homes, offices, market place, relationship with our clients, our chapter ARD then to NARD.

    Remember that keeping silent when ur members are being victimised cause u want to be get an appointment is evil and a mark of betrayal.

  8. James says:

    Are we not fantastically corrupt? Where else in the developed world will a CDS share over 500 million naira monthly? Where else will we be dashing out over 700 million naira on so called politics?

    And some of us here are expecting Govt to be paying salaries on time. The sooner we realise the concept of “cause and effect”, the better for this country.

    Nigeria is marvelously, fantastically, demonically corrupt and at least now we are having an insight and will try to treat ourselves.

  9. Ugo says:


    Apart from obviously failing in the knowledge, application, and deployment, the Buhari/APC presidency also lacks knowledge in the rudiments of the English Language.

    Dave Cameron said and I quote,
    “Nigeria is fantastically corrupt”!

    That is present tense!

    Dave Cameron didn’t say Nigeria ‘was’ fantastically corrupt.

    So Cameron was not referring to the past regime.

  10. Anga says:

    Those people need to conduct that research again. Nigeria should be No. 1 on that list!!!

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