The Trade Union Congress of Nigeria wishes to state emphatically that we do not know how the Federal Government arrived at the new price of N145 for Premium Motor Spirit (PMS), popularly known as petrol. Neither do we appreciate how they arrived at their decision to allow market forces alone determine the cost of the product.

The Congress wants to use this opportunity to put the records straight concerning the development.

The organised labour received a 24-hour notice inviting us to meet with Vice President Osinbajo and some other key government functionaries including the Minister of Labour and Employment, the Minister of Information, the Chairman of the Governor’s Forum, and the Minister of State for Petroleum. Others include the principal officers of the National Assembly led by the Deputy Senate President, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Chairmen of the respective Committees on Petroleum in both chambers of the Assembly. The call for the meeting stated no specific agenda, and we were left to conjecture. Little did we know that the government had already concluded plans to hike the price of petrol. Indeed we were taken aback.

The meeting had the leadership of labour in attendance, but we never made any input. Not with the shock we experienced at the premeditated “ambush” by the government which clearly did not invite us for any dialogue. When they stated their plan to introduce the new prices, our response was to ask for time to consult with our respective executive organs and subsequently revert appropriately. The government’s representatives agreed. And so we left.

We were therefore totally confounded and shocked when we got to know that they later went on air announcing new prices for petrol. But our focus and hope remain strong. We know what to do. Thus the TUC has scheduled an emergency meeting of its National Executive Council (NEC) for Friday 13 May, 2016 to x-ray the government’s pronouncement and take a stand on the matter in the best interest of Nigerian workers and the masses of our people.

To say Nigerians are disappointed and dismayed at the fuel price hike would be a colossal understatement, especially as the present APC government repeatedly insisted during their pre-2015 election campaigns that there was already nothing like subsidy during the immediate past administration. Alas, what a great volte face! What betrayal in high places!

For sure we know that the fuel scarcity the nation is currently experiencing is artificial, and we have observed comments of those benefiting from the system commending the latest development. For us, the fact that petrol is currently selling for between N150 and N250 per litre does not mean that such outlandish prices should be maintained, least of all endorsed as official policy.

We are meeting soon and will come out with our position. God bless Nigeria and her people!



Comrade Bobboi Bala Kaigama
(President, TUC)

Comrade (Barr.) Simeso Amachree
(Ag. Secretary General, TUC)


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  1. Nuru says:

    What can TUC do? They are just noise makers! We know their type. They raise issues, bring people out, people will lose their lives just like in 2012, then the useless NLC/TUC will backtrack and betray the people.

  2. Jibril says:



    1. We do not have enough refineries to satisfy our domestic need, so we depend on fuel importation.

    2. Fuel is bought at the international market with US dollars and importers need USD to buy and import fuel.

    3. There is variability up to N121 bewteen the official USD exchange rate and the parallel market rate in Nigeria.

    4. The government determines the price for fuel because the CBN is the only source of US Dollars for Marketers who import fuel.

    5. If marketers source for dollars themselves, they cannot sell the product at the government price because of the N121 difference.

    6. When the CBN gives US dollars to importers to buy fuel and import, they opt to selling the US dollars in the parallel market since they will make more profit, say about 50 times more than buying fuel and importing.

    7. Most of the few marketers and dealers who use the dollars they got from CBN to buy fuel and import, divert the fuel to neighbouring countries like Chad and Benin Republic etc because fuel costs more in these countries since their Petroleum Market is free, and they will sell at a higher price and make more gains.

    8. The CBN as a result of over 60% decrease in the price of crude leading to a reduced foreign reserve cannot afford to give enough dollars to marketers and dealers to import enough quantity of fuel for domestic consumption in the midst of all the leakages.

    9. These factors combined with a few others always lead to a shortage in the quantity of fuel that will satisfy Nigerian domestic consumption.


    1. Stopped the CBN from giving USD to marketers and dealers and gave them freedom to source for foreign exchange in the parallel market.

    2. Allowed the pump price of fuel to reflect the international price of fuel using the foreign exchange at the parallel market.

    3. Given all marketers and dealers the right to buy and import fuel while sourcing for foreign exchange from the parallel market.


    1. Marketers and dealers can no longer collect dollars from CBN and sell at the parallel market instead of importing fuel and then causing fuel shortage.

    2. Marketers and dealers can no longer divert fuel to Chad, Benin and other neighbouring countries since they will not make extra profit in doing so.

    3. Everyone can now buy fuel and import. There are no more cabals in the Petroleum industry. Anyone can join and do business.

    4. More fuel will be brought to Nigeria and there will be competition among marketers that fuel stations will be begging and giving incentives to customers to buy their fuel.

    5. Competition will drive down the price of fuel as seen in the case of diesel.

    6. Government will use its
    resources and time to develop infrastructure.

    This is the choice we have to make now that we have a Government that we can entrust our resources to and go to sleep.

    President Muhammadu Buhari has shown a high level of uprightness, prudence, determination to kill corruption and develop Nigeria.

    Let us support him!

  3. Jones says:

    Any how we try to paint it, the truth is APC has wedded us in falsehood. Pump price has increase as a result of their action!!

  4. Ochuko says:

    The fuel price hike is a well planned but poorly timed strategy. I knoe the NLC were primed before the bombshell. They will succeed in bringing it down to 130/135. We know them. Its the game plan. We are fantastically corrupt!

    • Judy says:

      For me there isn’t any word like proper timing. It’s really sad the hardship has escalated… But we are hopeful. I still feel we should go through the phase collectively and come out stronger.

  5. Loveth says:

    All the proponents and defendants of the hike in fuel pump price, I hope you are all aware of the prevailing economic crisis in the country prior to now? I hope you are aware that, even amongst us, there are people who are passing through the eyes of the needle to survive:- unpaid salaries, fractions of salaries, etc! Yet at a time we were hoping to get some respite, then this sledge hammer.

    If government wanted to increase price of fuel, that could have been done in a step wise manner! Not waking up one morning to learn that a commodity you bought at 86 naira the previous day has been inflated by 60% the next day.

  6. Bukky says:

    Dollars increased from N170 to N320.
    Pounds from N250 to N456.

    Fuel Pump price from N87 to 145/litre.

    4 Tomatoes from N50 to N200.

    Gallon of groundnut oil from 8k to 11k.

    Bag of rice from 9k to 15k.

    All these within a year, yet salary remains stagnant.

  7. Efe says:

    Nobody, I repeat, nobody will go out and protest against this subsidy removal.

    You know why?

    Everybody is tired, exhausted, sapped, hungry, bewildered, ashamed and weak.

    We protested against GEJ because there was food in our stomachs and we were strong and healthy enough for the exercise.

    Now, we can’t carry ourselves let alone carry placards. Even typing this was a great risk…

  8. Ovwoke says:

    A British newspaper, Mail Online, on Sunday questioned President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption credentials ahead of his arrival in London for a world anti-corruption summit to be hosted by UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameron.

    The paper said “self-proclaimed ‘People’s President’”, Buhari, may be waging a war against corruption his critics have described as a witch hunt. It wrote that Buhari sends his daughter to a £26,000-a-year English school and that in April, the opposition PDP party unearthed a ticket stub showing Hanan, 16, had flown first-class from London to Nigeria, despite her father’s ban on officials using premium travel.

    The report added Buhari had spent £150,000 on educating his daughter Zahra, a Surrey University student. The paper also questioned Buhari’s failure to give a full account of his worth, and pointed out his partial admission of more than £1million in the bank, five houses and two plots of land.

    Mail Online added: “The presence of Nigeria’s president at David Cameron’s anti-corruption summit this week may surprise many in his nation – which receives vast amount of UK aid.

    Self-proclaimed ‘People’s President’ Muhammadu Buhari began a war on corruption after taking power last year, but critics allege it is a political witch-hunt.

    The Government is giving nearly £250 million in the coming year to oil-rich Nigeria. Supporters say 49 arrests of members of the previous regime show the anti-corruption war is genuine, but opponents say it is politically driven.

    Nigeria has the highest-paid government officials in the world but is one of the largest beneficiaries of UK foreign aid. The president of its senate, Bukola Saraki, is due to face trial on corruption charges after it emerged he has a £6million London property in his wife’s name.”

  9. Ovwasa says:

    Buhari wey nor free declare him assets naim we dey refer to or the Buhari wey say there is nothing like subsidy and yet he paid it and now him dey remove am?

    Or Buhari wey say Abacha nor steal money and yet he dey recover Abacha’s loot and dey even probe how previous governments spent recovered Abacha’s loot?

  10. Musa says:

    The real challenges are: Low crude prices, absent reliable big buyer and reduced crude output from vandalism coupled with depleted foreign reserve! So, irrespective of campaign promises, these are the real economic parameters that FG has to work around to even be able to pay salaries.

  11. Gideon says:

    Buhari is a politician. So pls don’t trust any politician cos they are all the same when push comes to shove.

    • Juliana says:

      Well, its not a matter of trust but real economic analysis not the fanciful romantic economics we were fed with in the days yonder!

  12. Johnson says:

    Recovering looted funds is one of the only available means to sorting out the budget deficits otherwise Naija becomes a real puppet of IMF/World Bank and we get real austerity like Greece!!!

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