Responsibility is leadership and vice versa. A leader who can’t be responsible to his followers should leave the leading position!

Promises when made and fulfilled depict trustworthiness, honesty and statesmanship. When promises fail to be fulfilled, there couldn’t be a clearer definition to disappointment.

The APC-led administration begged for our votes during the 2015 General Elections with a campaign promise amongst many to make the price of petrol as accessible as possible. The hardship and sudden sharp in the increase of the Nation’s most consumed resources is not acceptable.

On numerous grounds, the Minister of State has continuously pegged deadlines to end our hurdle of long queues, none of it yielded. The economy was crippled based on the thoughtless way of handling the nation’s major contributor to economy.

The reasons highlighted by the Honourable Minister depicts nothing but malicious wickedness, unpreparedness of service and a total sense of ‘I don’t carelism’ which is aimed at keeping the country in shackles and chains disguisedly called ‘Change’.

Many may wonder why we are taking this up. We are Nigerian students whose parents depend labour tirelessly to cater for the expensive goods sold in the market.

The Minister spoke of the inability of the country to secure Forex. If audience would be granted, we want to know what befell the Naira-Yuan deal. Irrespective of the scenario, stop giving us reasons why you think our sufferings are legit.

At the N87 official pump price, petrol was bought as high as N400, yet the long queues didn’t dissipate. It further deteriorates and worsens our means of livelihood. With this new official pump price of N145, what do you think will become of other sectors of the economy whose survival is dependent on the carbonated compound?

About two years ago, this present administration (the then opposition) condemned the deeds of the Jonathan government. It is also good to note that the administration in question lost its mandate that same year. Various protests were staged by the opposition camp to knock the then administration to ashes.

If the same acts that were fervently opposed can now be uplifted, it is evident that betrayal, deceit and self-centeredness are the ugly weapons the Buhari-led administration had in their armory.

All evil weapons stored in your arsenal to fashion against the Nigerian populace shall die before their maturity!

Nigerians would not accept this no matter the threats of CRUSH you embark upon this time. We deserve to benefit from what nature has generously given to us. We deserve to be treated like citizens of this country.

Restore normalcy and we will let you realize how peaceful the Nigerian students can be. Do otherwise and we will make you realise that militancy is one of our courses in school!

We call for the immediate reversal of the exorbitant price and a sincere apology from the Federal Government. Now as defiance will spell the most violent protest this Country has ever recorded. The history and record is still intact.Nigeriana did it in 2012,if necessary history will repeat itself.

Mr. President Sir, your economic experts have failed to tell you of the consequences of the nation’s lockdown. With your present stance, Nigeria’s economy will go from crippled to paralyzed.

To summarise, I’ll remind everyone of the slogans used by the ‘Change’ campaign:




Comr. Afolabi Saheed (Seedorf)

Deputy Coordinator, Zone D, South West


About Dr. Ken

Medical Doctor, Publisher, Editor, Novelist, Playwright, Visionary Poet, Activist, Blogger
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  1. Shehu says:

    Posted on facebook by Hon Teejay Yusuf

    “I opposed the removal of subsidy in 2012 and I still oppose it now. My opposition to removal of subsidy doesn’t mean I am opposed to deregulation but I am oppose to it bc of the manner it was done then and now.

    I am privileged to be an economist, so I am aware that it does not make economic sense to subsidize consumption of a product like PMF. It is better to transfer such subsidy to agriculture(for food sufficient i.e. USA) , transport etc. to tell you the truth , must advanced economy and even emerging economies like Malaysia ,South Korea and SA have subsidy policies till date.

    My position then in 2012 and even now hasn’t changed. Why not staggered the removal (5 yrs plan) and transparently commit the differential to rail and water transport so as to create alternatives to road transport, The PPRA template is loaded with fraud.

    Why do we have to transfer the burden of servicing the cabals to the Nigerian people. Is Govt. admitting that they can’t clean up the system? What are we doing with the daily crude allocation for local consumption that we sell to augment cost of importing refined product ? What are the palliatives made available ? The ripple effect of subsidy removal on living condition of our is huge.

    I am convinced that the scarcity of products in the last three months is artificial , created to justify the removal of subsidy. You can not fool all the people all the time. There is limit to propaganda.”


  2. Adaora says:

    Some of us who supported Buhari know what we want: CHANGE! Nobody is expecting things to change overnight but at least let it not get worse.

    Let us be sincere, how many people have been convicted in 1 year? It’s not enough to label people corrupt.

    Stamp duties introduced. Electricity bills increase without any improvement in electricity. Is that not corruption?

    Now PMS @145, with non-functional refineries.

    6 trillion budget with no means of financing!


  3. Danny says:

    Copied from Senator Dino’s Facebook page

    My sincere advise is for the National Chairman of our party to suggest that the federal government immediately reverse the announced increase in the pump price of PMS. If after 7days from Monday there is no reversal, I will mobilize Nigerians from all walks of life for the mother of all protest. This is not what we promised Nigerians. The time is not right and the negative effects will be unbearable. A word is enough for the wise.

  4. De Truth says:

    One good lesson for all of us is to learn to question our candidates. D mass illiteracy and ignorance is manifesting pretty well in situations like dis.

    It’s not enough to climb d podium and scream we would create 1,000,000 jobs. The question should always be about HOW. Maybe then we would assess d cerebral level of our leaders before voting them in.

  5. Efe says:

    They keep saying PDP destroyed this country. They can continue blaming the PDP while we continue to suffer. Keep blaming them till 2019!

  6. Audu says:

    All we are saying is that all who looted our money and have been found guilty should be jailed… What we are against is using different standards for different folks in the name of fighting corruption.

  7. Prechy says:

    Let’s even agree that yes PDP destroyed 9ja over the years, but since APC assumed govt, they have showed repeatedly that they cannot walk their talk… They have showed that they rode to power on the wings of empty jazzified propaganda… They have showed that they know not what they do!

  8. Nasiru says:

    St. Buhari may be the clean man… but we shouldn’t depend on strong individuals to fight corruption but strong institutions… cos if nobody with the god-like persona of Buhari enters again, whatever gains he makes in the areas of anti-corruption will be lost.

  9. Abdul says:


    In just one year:

    68% fuel price hike + 45% electricity tariff hike + 100% VAT increase + 9% airtime tax + 100% Naira value depreciation + N50 Stamp Duty on deposit into banks + (coming soon includes toll gates, road tax and more).

    I’m still trying to convincingly rationalise all these extra financial burdens within one year when my purchasing power has reduced by more than 59%.

    I’m a committed APC card carrying member who worked very hard for the actualisation of Buhari presidency. I laboured for change but i never envisaged this unsystematic change that adversaries have dubbed chains. I’m therefore struggling very hard not to allow myself to be boxed into trenches where I have to defend every action of my party or my preferred candidate in the 2015 Presidential election.

    Voting for a candidate does not impose on me the onerous responsibility of rationalising every action taken by that individual. Please don’t get me wrong, i fully support deregulation of the downstream sector and it’s attendant subsidy removal. There is however no where I have read that subsidy on PMS was as much as N60 per litre even when crude oil price has fallen. As people who will bear this brunt we need to see the template used to arive at this price.

    In 2012, i fully supported and participated in #OccupyNigeria not because i did not understand the economics of PMS subsidy but because i was conscious of the fact that subsidy removal can be evil or good depending on who does it and who is in charge of government.

    Unfortunately nobody was in charge of the previous government. Subsidy removal during a regime with a ceremonial head like Goodluck Ebere Jonathan would have meant more money for anyone in that government to loot as we have seen in the mind boggling revelations of the looting that went on during that time. There’s little chance of looting in this administration, at least not on that scale, which makes subsidy removal at this time understandable and possibly tolerable.

    But all these burden on a people within just a year is what is likely to be unbearable. Someone needs to explain how this N145 was arrived at. Is there any other inefficiency in the process that Nigerians are being made to pay for? Is there a “deal” that we are not aware of? Is PMB losing grip of the goings on in government? Is there some covet plan to de-populate Nigeria?

    I did a little calculation and I came to the near conclusion that the FG as represented by NNPC may have reached an agreement with the independent Petroleum marketers to sell at this index price+ over a period of time to recoup the outstanding subsidy due to them which the FG is not willing to pay or is not capable of paying considering its very ambitious development plans. If that is the case, then there is the need to carry Nigerians along.

    It is unfair to shave one’s head while in slumber. We also expect a government led by PMB to be as transparent as possible. The good will is there. The trust account of this man is in huge positive.

    Government is a social contract. If that is what we have to do to start on a clean slate or the sacrifice we have to all make to have a new Nigeria of our dream and a Nigeria with collective benefit we would be happy to do it. We will however also need to extract from the government, be it executive, legislative or judiciary, some commitment to be prudent and make conscious and visible sacrifices towards this new Nigeria we all dream of. I think this government just filtered away a golden opportunity that this removal of subsidy presented. It totally lost the opportunity to ride on the goodwill and trust left for PMB/PYO to make that sharp turn towards progress and nationalism.

    I do not appreciate a government that is poor in communication, strategy and mobilisation. That is the major bane of this administration. Individually some officials of government are working hard but collectively the output is poor. And in government it’s team output that matters.

    The way this subsidy removal has been handled, i am not convinced that it will eliminate fuel shortages or in the medium term see to price reduction. With the cartel prone, unscrupulous business men we have prices of PMS will go higher than N145.

    There will be artificially induced scarcity to put more money in some people’s hands to fund their ostentatious lifestyles. We’ve seen it all before. It happened in the telecoms industry until GLO came to break the cartel. Who can we trust to break this cartel? Not NNPC. Not even the government refineries. I fear that this administration has allowed itself to be set up and this singular act will be decisive come 2019. I hope someone is thinking.

    I know #OccupyNigeria 2.0 is not likely to happen simply because in all things trust is key. The major clamour during #OccupyNigeria 1.0 was “fight corruption before you remove subsidy”. Nigerians did not just trust GEJ and his group and they could smell the massive looting going on. But in the absence of #OccupyNigeria, can we have a 2.0 version that will demand commitment from all officials of this administration be it in the executive, legislature or judiciary to also make huge sacrifice for this nation?

    The wasteful habits of the legislature must stop. The theoretical administration of justice in cases of corruption must end. The executive must wear their thinking cap and think like the man who thought of London underground train over 105 years ago when there was clearly no need for it but which has become a key infrastructure in London today. We must all work towards a Nigeria that will surprise the world.

    Subsidy may be gone but its evil shadows still lurk in the dark.

  10. Musa says:

    Good governance results from the overlap of politics and policies.

    For all of Jonathan’s faults, he had good policies but the politics of reelection and lack of political will to fight corruption made him look the other way when the nation’s coffers were looted hollow.

    Enter Buhari, his politics is largely principled and honest. But lack of clear policies from day 1 of his administration has led the nation into the state of an existential threat to the nation’s very survival.

    Either way F9 na F9, whether you be ‘olodo’ or you are brilliant but forgot to submit your answer sheets!

    Buhari’s scoresheet:

    Boko Haram: A3
    IPOB: P7
    Fulani Herdsmen:P8
    Niger Delta Avengers:F9
    Anticorruption: C5
    Economy: F9.

    This assessment is by May 2016. Assessment can get better or worse depending on the administration’s performance.

  11. Razaq says:


    Before you go to protest against the removal of fuel subsidy by the Federal Government, be informed that the government did not remove any subsidy because there was no subsidy to be removed in the first place. So don’t go and protest against what does not exist. Seek information and be informed. This is what the government has done. The government has simply stopped giving foreign exchange to fuel importers and has asked them to source for foreign exchange through secondary sources.

    Why has the pump price of fuel increased from #86.5 to between #135 and #145? This is specifically as a result of the difrence between the official exchange rate and the informal (parallel) market exchange rate. This is the simple mathematics. The official exchange rate is #199 per dollar while the parallel market exchange rate is #320 per dollar. This represents and increase of 37% (320-199/320 × 100 = 37.8%). This reflected exactly in the new price of petrol as it increased from #86.5 to an averag of #140 which is an increase of 38% (140 – 86.5/140 ×100 = 38%). There may be a gap in the dessimination of information to the public and it is totally regrettable and I am sure it will be taken care of, but I encourage Nigeians to seek the right information.

    I have always insisted that there was nothing like fuel subsidy and I stand by that. The Federal government cannot continue to be the sole source of foreign exchange for the importation of fuel in the face of falling price of crude resulting in the depletion of our foreign reserve. It is unsustainable and cannot satisfy the domestic consumption of fuel in Nigeria.

    Nigeria gets foreign currency from the sale of crude and the price of crude has fallen by over 70%. This means that the government does not have enough dollars to give to fuel importers. A lame man shoud be able to understand this.

    With the competition that will set in from the open market, it is expected that the pump price of fuel will naturally crash in time.

    Please let’s be enlightened!

    • Mumuni says:

      I am not in support of Govt putting money in d pockets of oil cabals but this Govt promised to increase NNPC storage capacity so that it can import 100% of d country’s need as against d present 40%, making d oil cabal useless to themselves. So when PMB said what we are facing now are labour pains I believed him becos I felt it will take a little time to build additional storage facilities to increase d storage capacity from 40 to 100%. So why now have we resulted back to d oil cabals u promised us u will phase out?

  12. Alhassan says:

    With all the troubles, Lai Muhammed is collecting over 13M from the Treasury to fly a boat to China! To do what? This government is diabolical!!!

  13. Biggie says:

    Fuel subsidy removal is a rape on ordinary Nigerian. The government that promised the people better life cannot in turn inflict untold hardship on them. That is impunity.

    Subsidy removal means hike in PMS, invariably, the price of commodities skyrocket all things being equal. If so be it, increase of every other factors without increase in the income and wages will result to untold hardship. So, I will resist with all the power I have any attempt to inflict unnecessary pain on the over 100million Nigerians.

    On NLC ground I stand. No going back. The president should take the price back to #86.50 or the economy is shut down. We Nigerians are not puppets. If subsidy removal was vehemently rejected in 2012 there is no moral justification for it acceptance now.


    To the street we go!!!

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