Readers’ Favorite endorses Dr. Ken’s critically acclaimed international blockbuster novel, TWISTED

Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

Twisted by Kennedy Obohwemu, the story of Mofe Esiri, follows the brilliant and handsome author as he falls prey to the seductions of Nollywood actress Daisy Igho. Mofe’s life had been charmed, he had money, success, fame, and the love of his childhood sweetheart, but because of some choices that he makes, he finds himself in the impossible situation of negotiating with terrorists to protect all that he loves. Further adventures with time travel, the mafia and dealing with a cold-blooded murderer twist Mofe’s life into something he barely recognizes, and can barely negotiate. You’ll find yourself wondering what could possibly happen next to this poor man, but also realize that all of his misadventures are due to choices he made himself.

Twisted is certainly a fast-paced and exciting read. The twists and turns that Mofe Esiri is forced to take while negotiating his life after making less than good decisions will keep you engrossed, wondering where his life will end up. This intense novel includes story lines of lust, betrayal, sadness, and finally, murder, and some parts kept me on the edge of my seat. I appreciated learning about Nigerian culture and everyday life through this entertaining book as well. Somewhat fantastical in some scenes, especially those in which Mofe time travels, I think this book would especially appeal to those who love an adventuresome quick read. Author Kennedy Obohwemu certainly has an inventive mind, and one that I hope he will continue to use to write entertaining fiction like Twisted.

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