Blockbuster novel ‘TWISTED’ tops discussion posts in Vanguard Newspaper


One of the greatest discoveries about the country Nigeria is that despite the challenges facing Nigeria, it is reported that they are the happiest people in the world. This was arrived at, following the results of a scientific survey carried out in 65 nations in 1999-2001.

Nigeria has a rich literary history, and Nigerians have authored many influential works of post-colonial literature in the English language. Nigeria’s best-known writers are Wole Soyinka, the first African Nobel Laureate in Literature and Chinua Achebe, the legendary writer best known for the novel,  Things Fall Apart  and his controversial critique of Joseph Conrad and others.

Nigeria has the second largest newspaper market in Africa (after Egypt) with an estimated circulation of several million copies daily in 2003. In the area of fashion and beauty, Nigerian beauties have taken the world by storm, excelling in such beauty contests as M-Net Face of Africa and Miss World Beauty Pageant.

The Nigerian film industry (Nollywood) is not left out as it is bubbling with a variety of talents on daily basis, and is currently the 3rd largest movie industry in the world after Hollywood (USA) and Bollywood (India).

Despite the exploits of Nigerians in many fields, it is only the negative side that has received much attention. It is in response to these, that Dr. Kennedy Obohwemu came out with the novel Twisted. The 424 pages book published by First Edition Design Publishing (USA) is a novel that appreciates the exploits recorded in recent years. With an exceptionally memorable cover image designed by multiple award-winning cover art expert, Tatiana Fernandez (USA), the medical doctor turned author in the 15 chapters thriller delves into the ever fascinating world of modelling and beauty pageants, and with a touch of class draws attention to Nollywood and the tourism potentials of the country.

Twisted Omnibus Edition PODTwisted’ is a blockbuster novel that spans three genres: mystery, suspense and romance. It is devoid of offensive language, crassness, obscenity and extreme vulgarity such that the younger audience could explore its contents without their guardians expressing fear of untoward effects.

The novel is unique for its incredibly complex plot, a suspenseful story, with remarkable twists and turns. The plot and subplots are designed to tickle your senses, place you on a high, knock you out and ultimately leave you breathless!

Cover for FROZEN

Cover for FROZEN

‘Twisted’ is a thriller, provocative, compelling and sensual, one whose characters are designed to operate in an atmosphere of gruelling suspense, intrigue, love, sex, betrayal, violence, murder, such that readers are strapped into an unforgettable experience from opening page to shattering climax!

It is important to understand that the premise for this novel is centered on a character that lived all his life abroad. Everything about Mofe was foreign: his ideas, his ideals, his fantasies! He believed in the American dream and he lived out that dream. America made him who he was and he would always be grateful to America. The young man made exploits overseas, and he hardly visited his own country.

To many outsiders Africa remains a complex conundrum, and a good number of our citizens out there are unwilling to return home. This is largely due to reports often received from the media — civil wars, dictatorships, poverty, and all the other favourite stereotypes of Africa in the press.

Mofe’s homecoming was necessitated by the death of his father. And by a gradual process of self-discovery, he got to realise that his motherland was a gold mine in itself.Twisted Book 2 Nightfall

This novel is a compelling story that captures the intensity of living, loving and creating a family in today’s world. A richly textured material that astounds the imagination, ‘Every Time We Meet’ leaves you spell-bound and ultimately makes your heart pound faster with each page.  The story captures the very essence of human relationship, the ability to sow a seed in the life of the person next to you. It brings that bond to the center stage in a real life situation, and admits how incredibly complex and how conflicting the images could be.

Though it was not specifically written for the younger ones, but the novel is suitable for adolescents and adults alike. It is a novel for  everyone  to read and enjoy, irrespective of age, social class or religious inclination. Whether young or old, single or married, you’ll find this novel a most worthy companion.

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