Excerpt from Dr. Ken’s blockbuster novel, ‘TWISTED’… coming soon on Amazon Kindle

“I never expected I’d meet you here,” Scorpion said, taking a pull at his beer.

“Me neither,” Mofe retorted, feeling distinctly uncomfortable with the intruder’s presence. It was such an ungodly hour. Coming out at this time of night to meet Foxy in a club wasn’t a good idea at all. Having to lie to Tola about it was even worse.

Scorpion gave a loud belch. “You think you know Foxy well, don’t you?”

Mofe felt irritated. “What do you mean?”

“Open your eyes, man. She’s got you trapped. You’ve got to break free.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“You’re so dumb. You really surprise me, Mr. Esiri. I thought you had brains.” He paused to look briefly at Mofe’s crotch. “Is that where all the blood in your body has been channeled to? Poor you!”

Mofe ignored him. “I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.”

“You don’t know Foxy,” Scorpion said. He gave him a sorrowful look. “If you don’t get to her, she’ll get to you.”

“Now what’s that supposed to mean?”

“You want her to leave your life alone, don’t you?”

“Got a solution? Why don’t you just spit it out and stop wasting my-”

Scorpion quickly cut in, “I was watching this epic movie once…” He brought out a cigarette pack and a lighter from his pocket. He lit the stick and in a matter of seconds puffed out an ample of smoke. “There was this woman who had the King in her palms,” he continued. “She was a sexual goddess, in every sense of the word. She rocked the King’s heart day and night. And she caused so much dissension in the Royal Family. The King was making all the wrong decisions, overwhelmed with lust for this beautiful witch. It was so bad that international relations were strained. Even the Vatican City was troubled, because the King was supposed to be a Catholic.” He turned to look Mofe straight in the eye. “You know what the Pope suggested?”


“He said, and I quote, ‘Why doesn’t somebody just get rid of her?’”


About Dr. Ken

Medical Doctor, Publisher, Editor, Novelist, Playwright, Visionary Poet, Activist, Blogger
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6 Responses to Excerpt from Dr. Ken’s blockbuster novel, ‘TWISTED’… coming soon on Amazon Kindle

  1. Yvette Alexander says:


  2. Sounds good. Let us know when it will be out.

  3. chiny says:

    I’m really gonna love this. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. Great work

  4. This is indeed great. Can’t wait…

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